New generation semi-permanent keratin-based gel effect

A quick and cost-effective technique with these new soak-off LED/UV gel lac formulations, which give an ultra-natural look.

The keratin-based treatment helps to strengthen the nails and prepare them for the base coats which can now adhere perfectly to the natural nail. This innovative technique saves time – up to 30 minutes per application.
Then the gloss top coats provide an incredible shine and solidity.
And as for the medium-viscosity 3-in-1 base coats, they enable you to work faster and therefore more profitably.
Our products are also designed for use with nail forms.
Our base coats, as well as the gels, are high elasticity providing strength and comfort on the natural nail.


The treatment

Step 1

Prepare the nails by delicately pushing back the cuticles and lightly buffing the nail to remove the shine.

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Step 2

Clean the nail plate with a cellulose pad soaked in cleaner.

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Step 3

Carefully apply the keratin treatment and leave to air for a few seconds.

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Step 4

To give the nails extra length, use the milky base coat. This will give a very natural baby-boomer effect to the application and add solidity.

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Step 5

Apply a thin or a thicker layer of base coat depending on the nail, then polymerise for 30 seconds under the LED lamp and 60 seconds under the UV lamp.

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Step 6

Remove the sticky layer with a cotton wipe soaked in cleaner.

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Step 7

Shape the nail.

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Step 8

Apply the colour then polymerise.

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Step 9

Apply the gloss coat and polymerise.

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Step 10

The result: the long-lasting Yumi Nails effect.

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